Affiliate Program

The affiliate program allows you to earn commision on the investments made by people you have referred to
To become our Partner you need to complete a registration form. The registration is free. Every Partner receives a personal identifier used for invitation of new investors for the company that want to make investments in the international market of equities with the purpose to increase money, as well as develop own business by means of invitation of new Partners. Rewards of Partners are calculated from the total of Partners' attracted investments and investments attracted by Partners of "lower lines". The amount of rewards from investments of lower lines depends on the volume of investments and the business structure. Bonuses from contributions of your referrals are accrued automatically on your account during the whole term of your referral's investments.
Bonuses for investments attraction:

  • investment attraction 7% from investment amount
  • 2.investment attraction by a second line Partner 2% from investment amount
  • 3.investment attraction by a third line Partner 1% from investment amount
  • 4.investment attraction by a fourth line Partner 0.5% from investment amount
  • 5.investment attraction by a fifth line Partner 0.5% from investment amount
  • 6.investment attraction by a sixth line Partner 0.5% from investment amount
  • 7.investment attraction by a seventh line Partner 0.5% from investment amount


Each partner can register only one account. If you try to cheat on the system, your account will be blocked until all circumstances are clarified.

News & events

Posted 02-01-18
Promotion action! The prize is Mercedes-Benz.

Each partner, that have built the structure (1-5 level) during 6 month, which total investments made up about $250.000 receives "Mercedes-Benz GL-Class" as a gift.

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