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Investment Committee

How we manage investing funds - Investment Committee
First of all, " RiftFund Inc. " is a team of professionals aiming at achieving maximum results in collaboration with its clients. Regular meetings of the Investment Committee are held in order to ensure maximum efficiency in clients' investment portfolio management. During these meetings a number of important matters comprising: current situation in the trade markets, investing funds news, macroeconomic tendencies and the activity of major issuers, etc. are being discussed. The conferences held by the specialists allow us to turn the information acquired during the generalization and analysis of separate facts into deep understanding of political and economical events and processes (both on national and global levels) and the way these events and processes affect the financial markets and the dynamics of different marketing tools. Along with the discussion of strategic questions in the fields of economics and finance, Investment Committee works out certain current recommendations for portfolio managers. These recommendations help them to reach correct decisions while managing the clients' budgets. Certain corrections in basic investment portfolio model are made according to the results of the analysis of economic indices, forecasts made by independent experts and different static and technical indicators. After that portfolio managers guided by client's investment declaration adapt the decisions reached by the Committee to individual clients' investing portfolios.

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We will offer optimal combination of profitability and liquidity for each private client.

"RiftFund Investments Inc" specialists can suggest investment product corresponding to your interests in the most degree. We realize that safety of means for the majority of our clients is more important than additional profit; that is why we do not promise super profits. Our attitude is a conservative and pragmatic one. Our major products include...

Trusting your money with us you will have:
  • A chance to increase your capital without spending your time and money learning the financial markets.
  • Your personal knowledgeable, professional manager with many years experience in managing both the RiftFund's own funds and our customers' assets.
  • An opportunity of choosing the correct investment strategy according to your investment goals
  • Professional investment selection and ongoing management
  • Choice of four broadly diversified portfolios
  • 24/7 account access through RiftFund.com